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For individuals, couples and families, regardless of residence status

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Binational couples and families 

Whole Switzerland

Information and counselling for binational, intercultural and interreligious couples and families 

We offer women and men in binational partnerships, binational couples and families legal information and psychosocial counselling on issues related to your partnership, immigration law, social security law, marriage and  family law and concubinage.  

Your questions – Our topics 

  • Marriage and family reunification  
  • Couples relationship  
  • Parenthood and family  
  • Separation and divorce  
  • Residence and integration  
  • Finances 
  • Contact with authorities  

Expats and their family members  

Whole Switzerland

Information and counselling for expats and their family members 

We offer legal information and psychosocial counselling for foreigners who have moved to Switzerland for work or study

Your questions – Our topics 

  • Work and employment  
  • Social integration and well-being in Switzerland  
  • Foreigners’ law (family reunification, right of residence, work permits)  
  • Social security  
  • Couple relationship  
  • Parenthood and family  
  • School, care and leisure activities for children  
  • Leaving Switzerland again  


Canton of Solothurn

Information and counselling for migrants from the canton of  Solothurn 

We offer legal information and psychosocial counselling for migrants from the Canton of Solothurn,  regardless of their residence status, on issues related to their stay in Switzerland.  

Your questions - Our topics 

  • Immigration law (family reunification, residence and naturalisation)  
  • Linguistic, professional and social integration   
  • Financial security  
  • Couple relationships and family in an intercultural context  

Victims of racism and discrimination

Canton of Solothurn - free-of-charge offer

Contact point against racism and discrimination Canton Solothurn 

We offer legal information and psychosocial counselling in situations of racism and racist discrimination in the canton of Solothurn.  


  • Information, counselling and support for victims and witnesses of racist discrimination  
  • Information, counselling and support for professionals, authorities and schools who care for affected persons  
  • Referral to specific specialised agencies and lawyers  
  • Reporting centre for incidents of racist discrimination  
  • Public relations and awareness-raising work  
This offer is free of charge.

Reporting an incident

If you do not wish to visit us in person or telephone us, you can report a discriminatory experience in writing, either with your name or anonymously, as you wish. You can write the report in the language of your choice. Please be as specific as possible and give us information about the perpetrator, the victim and the course of events.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Racism is a “system of advantages or a system of power” based on the creation of categories and their hierarchisation: People who belong to the majority in a society benefit from privileges solely because they belong to the dominant group.

When racism becomes visible as a system of privilege, it does not necessarily mean that its creator is acting intentionally or even consciously. The history of the composition of privileged and disadvantaged groups goes back to the time of slavery and continues today.

Racism manifests itself at different levels and in different forms:
Structural racism : Located at all levels of society. It manifests itself in the reproduction of inequalities between different groups of people.
Institutional racism : Refers to the practices of an institution. These are based on (explicit or implicit) rules that result in one group of people being disadvantaged or excluded compared to another.
Ideological racism: Based on a way of thinking in which people are divided into ostensibly natural groups – so-called “races”. The categorisation of the group is based on their external appearance, their membership of an ethnic group, a nation or religion, or some other criterion. A hierarchy is then created between the groups.

Racial discrimination is a manifestation of racism. It is unequal treatment based on race, skin colour, origin, ethnicity or religion. It manifests itself in an action or an omission.

The process that leads to racial discrimination begins with categorisation. In order to process and classify the information from our environment, we create mental categories. Subsequently, these categories are associated with stereotypes. Stereotypes are commonly held ideas about the characteristics of members of a social group. Prejudices arise from stereotypes, but are emotionally charged. This emotion triggers a reaction that can lead to discriminatory actions. However, due to the existing power relations, not all stereotypes, prejudices or discriminatory actions have the same effects. These depend on the position in society of the group or person against whom they are directed.

Unlike the European Union, Switzerland does not have a comprehensive anti-discrimination law. However, there are provisions in constitutional law, criminal law and private law that can be used to defend against certain forms of discrimination.

Regardless of legal proceedings, it is helpful to know the substantive and formal law when resolving conflicts. This knowledge can be used to inform and as a dialogue tool, but also as a means of reprimand or warning.

Useful links

Online legal guide
The online legal guide offers in-depth information on the legal situation in fifteen relevant areas of life. It also includes a glossary of the most important terms, a general overview of the legal situation as well as specific information on how to proceed in counselling, which is of particular interest to counselling centres.
Service for Combating Racism (FRB)
The Service for Combating Racism (FRB) (FRB) is responsible for shaping, supporting and coordinating the prevention of racism and the promotion of human rights at federal, cantonal and municipal level. It provides financial support for projects to promote human rights and combat racism.
Federal Commission against Racism (EKR)
The Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) is an extra-parliamentary commission set up by the Federal Council to implement the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). The FCR raises public awareness through campaigns, public appearances, publications and press work. It also advises people who feel they are victims of racist discrimination.
Integration Office Canton Solothurn
The Integration Office of the Social Security Office is responsible for integration-related issues in the canton of Solothurn. It advises municipalities, informs private individuals, sponsors and regular structures about the integration of foreigners and coordinates the promotion of integration in the canton.
Counselling network for victims of racism
The counselling network is a network of sixteen specialised agencies from all over Switzerland that offer counselling in cases of racist discrimination. offers special information on racism and reports on court rulings and incidents in Switzerland.
NetzCourage is a non-profit association that resolutely and actively opposes hate speech, discrimination and racism on the internet. Toda Suiza

Referrals through social diaconia

District of Refbejuso

Information and counselling for peope referred to frabina by a couple and family counselling centre

We offer legal information and psychosocial counselling for individuals, couples and families who have been referred to frabina by a couple and family counselling centre of the Reformed Church of Bern-Jura-Solothurn.

Counselling for individuals and couples in binational relationships on questions concerning

  • Marriage and family reunification  
  • Couples relationship 
  • Parenthood and family  
  • Separation and divorce  
  • Residence and integration  
  • Finances  
  • Contact with the authorities  

Counselling for ALL on questions of: 

  • Shaping changed family situations  
  • Separation and divorce  
  • Social security claims  
  • Financial bottlenecks and budgets 
  • Contact with the authorities  

Important: When making an appointment, please mention that you have been referred to us by a couple and family counselling centre of the Reformed Church of Bern-Jura-Solothurn.  

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